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EMAS eKYC is Digital ID verification (IDV) technology to support e-KYC process and identity fraud management for 24/7 businesses.

We help to verify the identity of your customer, to ensure that they are who they say they are. Know your customer details’ and get them verified at high accuracy.

Yes, there is no limit package to subscribe.

You may top up and the package will be extended accordingly.


The integration is available via AOI and/or mobile-friendly web-SDK.

No, as the facial recognition technology studies facial nodal points (eg distance between eyes and chin)

False match rate at one-in-a-million.

All transactional user identification data is permanently purged after a short retention period. The retention period is to support the false acceptance audit review process; and during this period, sensitive user identification data is masked into a format that renders it non-personally identifiable, as a data security measure.

It only takes a few seconds for extraction (OCR) of identification details from supported identity documents, and the liveness and face biometric verification. When document authentication (OkayDoc) is implemented, the document quality assessment will be automatically completed in 30 seconds.

You will be received API key within a week after payment.

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